Lung Cancer Foundation of America introduces Hope With Answers℠: videos by patients, for patients and their families

Get hope with answers about the latest treatments and research from patients living with lung cancer as they interview top doctors

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An innovative new project by Lung Cancer Foundation of America (LCFA) is turning the tables on the traditional doctor-patient relationship by having patients ask the questions, follow up for more details, and dig deeper into the latest topics, treatments and research.

Hope With Answers℠ features patients talking to doctors and researchers on the front lines of the battle against lung cancer.

Some of the topics in Hope With Answers℠ include:

  • Liquid biopsies: a simple blood test that helps identify the right treatment for the right patient at the right time.
  • Immunotherapy: drugs that help the body's own immune system fight cancer without damaging healthy cells.
  • Targeted therapies: drugs that are specific to your tumor that can slow or inhibit cancer growth.

 Being diagnosed with lung cancer is scary and overwhelming. Patients currently living with lung cancer created Hope With Answers℠ to help educate you on the latest treatments, research, and terminology you need to know in order to get the best possible care. The videos are available on demand in a simple format so you can quickly access the information you need, 24/7.

LCFA's mission is to fund new research into better ways to diagnose and treat lung cancer. To attract the best and the brightest to the field of lung cancer, LCFA partners with International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer to fund grants for young investigators pursuing a long-term project over the course of multiple years. To date, more than $4 million in grant funding has been awarded to lung cancer researchers.

"There IS hope in the fight against lung cancer today," says LCFA co-founder and president Kim Norris. "Ten years ago I couldn't say that, but today I know so many wonderful people who are truly living their lives, and just happen to have lung cancer."

Lung Cancer Foundation of America is leading the fight against lung cancer through funding innovative and transformative lung cancer research.

Sarah Beatty

PR Contact, M&C Communications | on behalf of Lung Cancer Foundation of America


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About Lung Cancer Foundation of America

LCFA’s mission is the improvement in survivorship of lung cancer patients through the funding of transformative science.

While raising funds to support lung cancer research, LCFA will raise the public’s awareness and serve as a resource for patients or anyone seeking answers, hope, and access to updated treatment information, scientific investigation, and clinical trials.

The Lung Cancer Foundation of America's Speakers Bureau is a group of survivors and those whose lives have been affected by lung cancer. Their mission is to spread awareness, information and hope in the fight against the leading cause of cancer death. Bureau speakers are available for interviews with the media.


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