With humor, insight, and charm, Annabelle Gurwitch shares her lung cancer journey on the Hope With Answers: Living With Lung Cancer Podcast

A stage four lung cancer diagnosis adds another line to Gurwitch’s resume: lung cancer patient advocate with Lung Cancer Foundation of America

Fans of author, actor, and activist Annabelle Gurwitch will immediately recognize her inimitable wit and sense of humor in the most recent Hope With Answers: Living with Lung Cancer podcast. With characteristic humor she shares the story of her diagnosis, which could not have been more shocking or less expected following a Covid-19 test triggered by a slight cough.

“They said they found something, there’s a tumor, the size of a Clementine,” said Gurwitch. “Well, you know, when something goes citrus, you’re in trouble.” 

Gurwitch joins an inspiring group of Lung Cancer Foundation of America patient advocates who share their lung cancer survivor stories on the Hope With Answers: Living With Lung Cancer podcast. The podcast features conversations with top lung cancer specialists, LCFA-funded researchers on the cutting edge of new lung cancer treatments, and patient advocates who generously share their lung cancer survivor stories. 

“Being diagnosed with lung cancer today is a completely different experience than five, ten, even fifteen years ago,” said LCFA co-founder and president Kim Norris. “More new treatments have been approved in the past five years than in the past 20 combined.”

One of those treatments is a once-a-day pill designed specifically for EGFR lung cancer. That’s the kind of lung cancer Gurwitch has, which makes her eligible for the incredibly powerful and effective targeted therapy. This allows Gurwitch to continue living with lung cancer while she entertains us with her wit in her new book, “You’re Leaving When? Adventures in Downward Mobility” and her new 15-minute weekly “Tiny Victory Podcast,” dedicated to the appreciation of small mercies.

Lung Cancer Foundation of America is focused on funding cutting-edge lung cancer research by young investigators, drawing the best and most innovative researchers into the field early in their careers. 

As part of its non-profit mission, LCFA produces the innovative Hope With Answers video series that turns the tables on the doctor-patient relationship by putting people living with lung cancer in the driver’s seat to ask questions of some of the world’s top lung cancer specialists and researchers. 

The companion Hope With Answers: Living With Lung Cancer podcast features in-depth conversations and lung cancer survivor stories. A special three-part podcast series called the First Seven Days is designed to help newly-diagnosed patients navigate the scary and stressful first few days or weeks following a lung cancer diagnosis so they can access the best possible care. 


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About Lung Cancer Foundation of America

LCFA’s mission is the improvement in survivorship of lung cancer patients through the funding of transformative science.

While raising funds to support lung cancer research, LCFA will raise the public’s awareness and serve as a resource for patients or anyone seeking answers, hope, and access to updated treatment information, scientific investigation, and clinical trials.

The Lung Cancer Foundation of America's Speakers Bureau is a group of survivors and those whose lives have been affected by lung cancer. Their mission is to spread awareness, information and hope in the fight against the leading cause of cancer death. Bureau speakers are available for interviews with the media.


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